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Antipsychotic Combinations vs. Monotherapy in Schizophrenia: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials 2010-08-05
Guideline Recommendations for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult ADHD without Comorbidity 2010-09-02
Latest Updates From The Agency for Health Care Administration 2010-09-02
New Developments in the Treatment of Depression 2008-2009 2010-09-02
At the Crossroads of Medicine and Policy: Psychotherapeutic Medications for Children 2010-09-02
Updated Florida Best Practice Medication Guidelines for Adults 2010-09-02
New Recommendations for Youth with Neurodevelopmental Disorders Now Available Electronically 2014-01-09
News from the Agency for Health Care Administration To Medicaid Providers 2010-09-02
Christoph Correll et al. Antipsychotic Combinations vs. Monotherapy in Schizophrenia 2010-09-22
DISCUS and AIMS Scales 2010-09-23
Florida Pediatric Psychiatry Hotline 2012-06-08
Barry Sarvet et al. Improving Access to Mental Health Care for Children 2011-01-13
Regarding the Use of Ziprasidone in Children and Adolescents 2011-04-11
Don't Give Up Take Action! 2011-01-03
Provider Alert Psychotherapeutic Consent 2011-07-25
FDA Safety Information for Celexa and Saphris 2011-09-07
Henderson Behavioral Health Awarded $1.6 million SAMHSA Primary Care and Behavioral Healthcare Integration Grant 2012-10-12
Psychotherapeutic Medication Guidelines for Children and Adolescents Updated 2013-02-11
Doctors Prescribe Drugs as Neuro-enahncements? 2013-04-01
Antipsychotic Polypharmacy Prescribing Patterns and Costs in the Florida Adult and Child Medicaid Populations 2013-10-15
Feds Probe Antipsychotic Prescriptions For Children In Medicaid 2013-08-14
FDA is investigating two unexplained deaths in patients who received an intramuscular injection of the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa Relprevv 2013-07-01
Florida Best Practice Medication Guidelines Survey Results 2013-06-19
Florida Medicaid Health Information Network Powered by Availity 2013-05-07
ZYPREXA 2010-09-02
SEROQUEL 2010-09-02
New research finding: Cognitive therapy effective in reducing symptoms in people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders 2014-02-21
The IMPACT study provides a model for managing SGA-related weight gain in children 2014-02-21
2014 MDTMP implements a Clozapine Peer Support Project with the Boley Centers and Henderson Behavioral Health 2014-02-21
NEW 2014 Psychotherapeutic Medication Guidelines for Adults 2014-02-27
2014 Psychotherapeutic Medication Guidelines for Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Youth 2014-02-28
Recent research findings on AP use in Medicaid-insured youth 2014-04-10
Newsletter Summer 2014 - Program Highlights and Updates 2014-09-08
The FDA has approved the supplemental New Drug Applications for paliperidone palmitate (Invega Sustenna) to treat schizoaffective disorder as either monotherapy or adjunctive therapy. 2014-11-18
New study published on first-episode psychosis 2014-12-12
2015 Winter Newsletter - Program Updates 2015-01-13
Spring 2015 Newsletter 2015-05-26
AHCA Medicaid Quality Issue Briefs 2015-06-02
The Risks and Benefits of Switching Patients with Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorder from Two to One Antipsychotic Medication: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Robert J. Constantine et al. 2015-09-24
Florida Best Practice Psychotherapeutic Medication Guidelines for Adults with Bipolar Disorder: A Novel, Practical, Patient-Centered Guide for Clinicians. Michael J Ostacher et al. 2015-09-24
Clozapine Changes Summary 2015-10-06
New Adult Psychotherapeutic Medication Guidelines Coming Soon 2015-10-06
Summer / Fall 2015 Newsletter 2015-10-06
Vraylar Snapshot 2015-10-09
Rexulti Snapshot 2015-10-09
Psychotherapeutic Medication Use in the Florida Pediatric Population and Integrated Care: Presentation by Dr. B. Sahasranaman at the Florida Medical Association Annual Meeting 2015 2015-10-13
Clozapine REMS Program Deadline Extension 2015-11-19
Free Upcoming Webinar - January 22, 2016 2016-01-08
FCAAP Regional Meeting - Miami 2016-03-04
Free Upcoming Webinar - March 24, 2016 2016-03-14
Free Upcoming Webinar - April 12, 2016 2016-03-25
Updated Guidelines Coming Soon! 2016-03-31
FCAAP Regional Meeting - Jacksonville 2016-04-13
Free Upcoming Webinar - May 6, 2016 2016-04-24
Clozapine FDA Updates 2016-04-27
Brintellix (vortioxetine) - Brand Name Change to Trintellix 2016-05-03
Abilify - FDA Announcement (05.03.2016) 2016-05-04
FCAAP Regional Meeting - Tallahassee 2016-05-06
Florida Clozapine Hotline: 727-562-6762 2016-05-26
FDA Drug Safety Podcast: Rare skin reaction with olanzapine 2016-06-01
FDA Drug Safety Podcast: Impulse control problems associated with aripiprazole 2016-06-01
FDA Drug Safety Podcast: Brintellix (vortioxetine) name change 2016-06-01
May 2016 Newsletter 2016-06-07
Logo Design Contest! 2016-08-04
Antipsychotics During Pregnancy Not Tied to Birth Defects 2016-08-22
Pregnancy & Birth Outcomes of Women with SMI Compared to Women without SMI in Florida Medicaid - Provider Survey Report 2016-11-21
Pregnancy & Birth Outcomes of Women with SMI Compared to Women without SMI in Florida Medicaid - Database Report 2016-11-21
Opioid Summit (Tampa) – Jan 19, 2017 2016-12-14
FDA working to resolve challenges with the Clozapine REMS Program 2016-12-19
FCAAP Regional Meeting - Hollywood, FL 2017-02-22
Free Webinar on DMDD - March 15, 2017 2017-02-22
February 2017 Newsletter 2017-03-06
Free Webinar - March 29, 2017 2017-03-06
Free Webinar - April 26 2017-04-06
Monitoring the Physical Health Side Effects of Psychiatric Medications 2017-04-10
FCAAP Meeting - Orlando (May 4) 2017-04-25
FCAAP Meeting - Tallahassee (May 3) 2017-04-25
FCAAP Meeting - St. Petersburg (May 2) 2017-04-25
FCAAP Meeting - Jacksonville (May 18) 2017-04-25
National Mental Health Awareness Month 2017-05-10
Free Webinar - May 30 2017-05-17
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